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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  September 4, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i gotta have that bag. italian leather? for an amazing deal, and i love that designer. [ shopper ] you paid how much for that? [ female announcer ] two stores. two amazing ways to score. t.j.maxx and marshalls. september 4th, a day of devastating news for many. >> from the loss of iconic joan
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rivers. >> to a dark day in virginia history as a jury clears the way to send a former governor and first lady to jail. >> thank you all for the way you've handled this. >> reporter: a stunning guilty verdict against former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife. we'll look at what it might mean for public officials everywhere. >> reporter: virginia voters share their thoughts on former governor bob mcdonnell's guilty verdict. >> it was apparent they were both guilty. >> i don't think it was fair for he and his wife to have the same trial. >> former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife maureen are convicted felons. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. the mcdonnells guilty on multiple counts of public corruption and conspiracy. >> after five weeks of testimony and arguments it took less than three days to convict the couple. peggy fox reports the verdict gives public officials everywhere new calls for concern when it comes to accepting gifts.
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>> reporter: for the first time during this trial former governor bob mcdonnell had no words for the media walking out of court and right to car, a convicted felon guilty on 11 counts of corruption and conspiracy perform a 28 day trial. the jury which also convicted wife maureen on nine counts agreed with prosecutors that the mcdonnells had taken loans and gifts from jonnie williams in exchange for promoting his business. >> chilling effect on the types of gifts offered and accepted by officials. >> reporter: it's a chilling verdict that may redefine just what officeholders can do for a member of the public in an official capacity and what is an official act. the judge's broad definition of an official act in a federal trial could reverberate across the country. >> what they've said is simply adhering to the letter of virginia law no longer protects you from federal prosecution on bribery, corruption and services fraud and that is a
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message that every elected official in virginia has to be thinking about this evening. >> this is a difficult and disappointing day for the commonwealth and its citizens. public service frequently requires sacrifice and almost always requires financial sacrifice. when public officials turn to financial gain in exchange for official acts, we have little choice but to prosecute the case. >> reporter: the verdict will put pressure on virginia's general assembly to redefine ethics laws and political functions, just what gifts they can and cannot take while in office. >> reporter: where do you go from here, sir? >> the court of appeals. >> reporter: how soon will that be? >> after sentencing. >> reporter: sentencing day is january 6th. given the multiple guilty verdicts the mcdonnells are likely to be sentenced to prison. in richmond peggy fox, wusa9. >> here's a closer look at the
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verdicts, bob mcdonnell guilty on counts 1 through 5, conspiracy, wire fraud, conspiracy to obtain property, maureen mcdonnell guilty on all but count four of the wire fraud. count 6 on obtaining property and counts 11 through 14 bob mcdonnell guilty only on count 11 obtaining property, maureen mcdonnell guilty on obstructing an official proceeding. both were acquitted of making false statements. the couple is scheduled to be sentenced on january 6th. ironically it was then governor bob mcdonnell who signed into law that s their pensions if they're convicted of a felony, but that means mcdonnell is standing to lose his $64,000 pension and faces legal bills, $1 million or more from that trial and his personal financials at one point he and his wife were carrying more than $91,000 in credit card
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debt. meanwhile northern virginians are reacting to the verdict tonight. >> our mola lenghi spoke to them in fairfax county. >> reporter: northern virginia tends to lean in the democratic direction, not exactly a hotbed of bob mcdonnell support to begin with, but this trial really transcends politics. >> i think it was incredibly foolish for the governor to even consider taking any gifts. >> reporter: for some virginians former governor bob mcdonnell's guilty verdict was as much about hypocrasy as it was about accepting gifts. >> i think he said at one point, it's hugely hypocritical. >> i thought it was an accurate verdict. i thought the prosecution did a great job. i think it was apparently they were both guilty. >> i think he should have been able to defend himself
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individually as opposed to coupled to his wife. >> reporter: marriage on the rocks defense which put bob and maureen mcdonnell's so-called icy relationship on center stage made many uneasy. >> he threw her under the bus. >> this whole defense that they cobbled together of blaming the wife, saying she was losing it and he was too preoccupied running the state, they put that all together because they didn't want to go to jail. >> reporter: virginia voter chester phillips says the mcdonnells should not be the only ones behind bars. >> people that go around and pressure the elected officials, the ones that ought to be put in jail rather than the officials. >> reporter: political pundit eleanor cliff says the mcdonnell verdict should be a warning to all. >> i think there's always been this assumption that if you liar good enough lawyers for white collar crime -- hire good enough lawyers for white collar crime and even sometimes in criminal cases that you can get off. i think it sends a message to the american people that this kind of public corruption really can be countered.
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>> i asked a lot of virginians as well if the verdict will impact their opinions of other politicians to which most replied no, it won't adding that their opinions of most politicians are not that high to begin with. that may or may not come as a surprise. >> after this afternoon's verdict current virginia governor terry mcauliffe said he was praying for the governor and all of them affected saying in part i am deeply saddened by the trial that ended in today's verdict and the impact it has had on our commonwealth reputation for honesty and clean government. virginia attorney general mark herring wrote, "we have a long way to go to restore the public's trust after that embarrassing and difficult period for the commonwealth of virginia." meantime bob mcdonnell just the latest in a list of former or sitting u.s. governors convicted of federal corruption while in office. that list includes former illinois governor bob blagojevich now serving 14 years for his 2011 conviction
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related to trying to sell the u.s. senate seat vacated by president obama. also in 2011 former louisiana governor edwin edwards finished serving a 10 year sentence for racketeering. former alabama governor don seagalman serving six years on bribery. and former maryland governor marvin mandel served 19 months in prison for his 1977 conviction for mail fraud and racketeering for favoring a maryland racetrack owner in return for cash and other gifts. interestingly mandel's sentence was commuted by president reagan and his conviction eventually overturned. we've got developments tonight in another corruption case, this one here in d.c. the u.s. attorney's office for the district of columbia has filed a felony conspiracy charge against a former candidate for d.c. council. that is mark long. he is accused of conspiring to
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violate d.c.'s campaign finance laws. long was also once vincent gray's campaign driver, so it is very likely this case is tied to that investigation into gray's 2010 mayoral campaign. long is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow morning. an international child custody fight played out in front of passengers on board a flight from dulles airport to beijing. sources tell us the united airlines flight was five hours into the trip over canada when it was ordered back to dulles. officers then took a mother into custody and handed over her child to his father, that mom facing charges of attempted kidnapping and sources tell us it was the father who called the fbi fearing that the mother would take the child to china and never come back. that mother is expected in a virginia courtroom tomorrow. a tragic end to the search for a missing gaithersburg man who was a scientist at nih. maryland state troopers found martin john roger's body near his abandoned car near i-68 in
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allegheny county. the medical examiner will determine the of death. right now investigators do not suspect foul play. rogers vanished august 21st when he left home to go to work. tonight hollywood and fans around the world are remembering joan rivers. the legendary comedian died today after suffering cardiac arrest last week. a wreath now lays on joan rivers star on the walk of fame as hollywood remembers a comic legend. >> she was actually considered a pioneer as far as women in television and she didn't let things get her down when she had setbacks. >> the ton child that i think i would have like evidence -- the only child that i think i would have liked ever was helen keller because she didn't talk. >> her brash style was often insulting, sometime to other celebrities but often to herself. >> at night when i undress, my husband mentally dresses me. >> she eventually became a on the
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tonight show, but that relationship soured. when she tried a rival guest show in 1980 carson never spoke to her again. her show failed and her husband as a producer killed herself after she left fox. >> everything went to hell in a handbag. >> joan described it as the darkest time in her life but kept going reinventing herself and brought up the concept of mocking celebrities to their fate. she eventually had her own jewelry line and appeared on reality tv even winning celebrity apprentice in 2009 and continued to work into her 80s. in a statement today her daughter melissa said, "my mother's greatest joy in life was to make people life. although that is difficult to do now i know her final wish would be that we return to laughing soon." >> an amazing career. the new york state health department is investigating the outpatient surgery clinic where joan rivers was having a minor procedure involving her vocal cords just one week ago.
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her spokesman said something went wrong there and she lost consciousness and went into cardiac arrest. we've got an update involving the death of ethan saylor. he had downs syndrome and died from asphyxiation last year as three off-duty frederick county sheriff's deputies tried to remove him from a movie theater. that prompted the state of maryland to look into its law enforcement training and next week a state commission tasked with that review will meet with governor martin o'malley to update him on whatever progress they've made. tonight the father of a baby boy found dead in the family car faces charges of involuntary manslaughter. john junek works as naval af station patuxent river in maryland. that is where the infant was left yesterday in the hot car for seven hours. today junek was in federal court in greenbelt. the baby's mom and grandparents were there and supporting him. the judge released junek to the custody of his parents. tonight a father in atlanta facing much more serious charges in the hot car death of
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his little boy in june. the grand jury has indicted justin harris on charges including malice murder. that speaks to intent and if he's convicted, could be looking at a death sentence. prosecutors say harris sat in his office exchanging nude photos with women including a teenager while his 22-month-old son cooper was dying in that car outside. the u.s. justice department has opened yet another investigation tied to the deadly police shooting of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. in addition to a federal civil rights probe, there's now an investigation focused on law enforcement practices in ferguson. attorney general eric holder visited ferguson and says he heard concerns of many residents. >> people consistently expressed concerns stemming from specific alleged incidents from general policing practices and from the lack of diversity on the ferguson police force. >> city officials issued a statement vowing to be transparent and forthright as we continue the process of
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earning back the trust of our residents and our neighbors in the st. louis region. a new development tonight in a wusa9 investigation and it's playing out on northern virginia football fields. >> coming up why three local high schools are junking their entire helmet inventories days before the start of the season. >> i'm meteorologist topper shutt, high temperature 91, three of the first four days of september 90 or better and a muggy start tomorrow, a little patchy fog, not a commuter problem, 74 to 81 by 9:00. we'll come back, talk about the prospects of a yellow alert tomorrow and why we had to
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free to explore new places. or spend quality time in an old one. southwest airlines is offering noopn-st service from reagan national to fourteen destinations like chicago (midway), dallas (love field), and more. if it matters to you, it matters to us. in a first of its kind move in area schools arlington high schools are changing out their football helmets in time for season openers. >> the move comes as area high schools helmets were rated low at preventing concussions. here's investigative reporter russ ptacek. >> reporter: arlington public schools had some helmets rated as low as 2's like this one and that's on the low end of a 0 to 5 virginia tech study for concussion safety. not one school across the area we reviewed limited helmets on
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the field to the highest rated available. arlington just changed that. in arlington when the washington league generals hit the turf saturday for their season opener, they'll all be wearing these brand-new five star rated helmets. >> i think it's very great. i love feeling safe when i play. i think this helmet is a lot better than last year's. >> reporter: experts at virginia tech agree. their tests show five star ratings mean the best available at reducing concussion risk, although our review found no zero star helmets in area schools, we did find one star helmets and documents wusa9 obtained this spring showed arlington's helmet inventory with a mix of models ranging from 2 star rated helmets to 5. the coach says the lower rated helmets don't conform as well to player heads. >> before we would take a tape measure and measure and you were within a couple inches and then you would make adjustments
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with the jaw pad. >> reporter: coach josh shapiro credits arlington public schools with the five star helmets and a systemwide concussion management plan. although the five star rated helmets can cost over $200 each arlington public schools retired every lower rated helmet in the program with a few 5 star replacement. >> the helmets will add a component of safety because of the fit. >> i was very scared i was going to get a concussion. they gave us these new helmets. they pump air through right here and right here and it makes it tighter so it's not as loose and when you get hit, the helmet doesn't move around. >> the padding is a lot more comfortable. also the coaches just do a great job fitting the helmet. >> reporter: the changes include yorktown and wakefield high schools and also put in place new training to minimize concussion risks and recognize head injury symptoms. helmets at all the s we reviewed passed national accreditation and some experts
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disagree with the virginia tech ratings. everyone agrees there is no helmet that can prevent all football head injuries, but what we do know now, arlington is the only district in the area reporting a change to use only the highest rated helmets at reducing injury to players. i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek, wusa9. always watching always tracking, wusa9 first alert weather. >> i was just asking if he played football in high school and he said peewee football. >> i played soccer and golf. >> i played one year freshman football quickly discovering it was not for me. >> when i was on the soccer team, they said hey, come out and run the football for jv football. i was like no, no. it would be fun till i got really hit. >> they tell you you're supposed to play hurt and that made no sense to me. 91 today for a high, no
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yellow alert yet for tomorrow but we are issuing one for saturday. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, still plenty toasty, 81. when it's over 80 at 11:00, that's a little bit uncomfortable. humidity 74%, winds light out of the south, southeast at 8, pressure falling a little bit. a little patchy fog early tomorrow morning, not a commuter problem. mr. bernstein will be in here bright and early. bus stop temperatures muggy, 68 to 80 under partly cloudy skies. some afternoon storms are possible, a few could be hefty. the a man concern tomorrow would be heavy -- main concern tomorrow would be heavy downpours and flash flooding. right now the critical hours saturday appear to be 3 p.m. to 10 p.m., not to say we couldn't have a few showers before lunchtime. tomorrow morning not bad, just a muggy start, 6:00 in the morning on futurecast, mid-70s downtown, low 70s in the burbs. by 8:00 temperatures still in the 70s across the board.
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by 1:00 some showers popping up now to the west. i say this all the time. don't get too hung up on the exact location of showers. most of the showers early on will be out toward i-81 and the mountains. by 4:00 couple showers maybe over into fairfax county and montgomery county, not far from poolesville, better chance again for showers toward winchester, a little yellow and orange showing up, more intensity of showers and storms. by 6:00 a couple showers toward manassas. by 7:00 if this holds up, the nats game will be fine tomorrow. the phillies are coming to town. 8:00 showers light into montgomery county, howard county, heavier activity toward baltimore. by 9:00 most of us will be in pretty good shape. 11:00 maybe light showers up and down 95, west of town pretty good shape. midnight throughout late tomorrow in the 70s across the board, some showers possible down into southern maryland.
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so a muggy start tomorrow, 78 by 9:00, 84 by 11:00 and 87 by 1:00 but dry. next three days showers, some storms tomorrow, showers and storms saturday, 89, again looking at yellow alert saturday, cooler, less humid sunday, temperatures around 82. that may be a little warm actually. next seven days nice monday, tuesday mid-80s, wednesday mid- 80s, more storms thursday. right now sunday looks good for
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now wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the 2014 nfl season is officially underway with tonight's packers/seahawks game. the rest of the league goes at it sunday including washington's football team who plays the texans in houston. the game will be the first test for first time head coach jay gruden and now healthy robert griffin, iii. griffin and the new look offense will debut against one of the more imposing defenses of the league featuring overall no. 1 draft pick jay clowney.
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>> just adding clowney and already having watt and some of the other guys it's going to present a challenge to us, but i think we'll show up and do what we need to and come out with a win. >> we're not worried about them, but they are really good players. the ravens will have a new look offense as well with new coordinator gary kubiak. quarterback joe flacco hopes to make some noise in the air while the running game will have bernard pierce carrying the rock. ray rice is out after a two game suspension. the ravens will host the bengals team that's lost four games straight in baltimore, but kubiak knows that means nothing against the since 80d. >> the -- cincinnati d. >> we've got a big challenge this weekend. we've been working hard, very excited. i know they're excited to play. the team unveiled a statue of ray lewis.
11:27 pm
fans will see a bronze no. 52 depicted doing his famous pregame dance. in a 30 minute speech he told the crowd he will forever be part of the city. the statue stands in the north end of the stadium. what can you say about the orioles? they are on fire entering tonight's game against the reds a season high 9 1/2 game lead in the al least. they've gone 12-3 at home and are looking to win an eighth straight series at camden yards. the o's have hammered 31 home runs in the last month. let's queue nelson cruz. he got things started in the 1st inning. this two-run jack which is his major leading 307th scored nick markakis as part of a six-run 1st. fast forward to the 7th. j.j. hardy untied the game with that two r.b.i. single, 9-7 your final. the win assures the o's of a third straight winning season.
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derek, guess what time it is? >> game of the week high school football. >> time to reveal our first game of the week winner. belts versus beleau won with 1,617 votes. game on varsity coverage begins tomorrow live at 6:00 here on wusa9, highlights at 11:00. yea! high school football is back. >> we all like highlights at ator. this is crazy i don't get it, this one is wo ladies, shouldn't up be as fast as down? yeah. shouldn't internet speeds match as well? yes.
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wow, what a news day. thanks for being here. we'll do it
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